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About Us

Two Brothers Racing stunt team has been formed for eight years now and is a trio team consisting of  Mark Van Driel AKA “Vandal” , Paul Todd AKA “ Toddy “and Katrina Van Driel AKA “Trina”

 Its often thought that Toddy and Vandal are brothers but in fact “Two Brothers Racing” is an   exhaust company from the USA and has a close working partnership / Sponsorship with the team.

Vandal and Toddy have been the closest of friends for over ten years riding together for endless hours every week pushing each other to the limit to learn new tricks every time they ride, resulting in the highly skilled , adrenaline filled show you see today. Commentary is provided by the boys   ( Helmet mics ) whilst performing the tricks which is a skill in its self!  In fact after shows its often asked who was commentating as the boys are so relaxed whilst talking on the mic and having a bit of banter with each other and the crowd whilst performing tricks!

The team was the first in the UK to have the highly modified stretched drift bikes and pioneered the drift bike scene in the UK !

Both Vandal and Toddy are real petrol heads loving all forms of motor sport but of course primarily they love bikes. Vandal has been the Uk street bike freestyle champion three times and holds a Guinness world record while Toddy was the 2016 Uk Champion.  The duo have been in the Top three of the Uk champion ships over the last six years ! Both riders have been in block buster films as stunt doubles, TV shows and featured in chart topping Music videos, Trina has also performed in TV shows !

 Trina is solely responsible for the tandem stunts and choreography of the show as well as helping the boys train all through the year.

The show is normally 20 to 30 minutes long but can be shortened and tailored to any show requirements. The team  perform a choreographed show with the very latest cutting edge street bike freestyle tricks, then followed by tandem tricks from Vandal and Trina , the show then comes to an end with the awesome adrenaline filled drift bikes making plenty of noise and smoke. Even Trina manages to jump on the back of Vandals drift bike at some point !

The team would like to say a huge thanks to our sponsors:

Two Brothers Racing, Michelin, Castrol, Bull-it Jeans, Oxford Products, HJC,  Bolddog freestyle, M&P Motorcycles, Fastec  Racing, Fast Lad pictures, Van Driel Engineering, Gala Tent, B&C tyres.

Mark Van Driel

Bio coming soon ....


 Paul Todd Aka “Toddy”  from near Ipswich in Suffolk, by day is a HGV Driver and a professional stunt rider on a part time basis, as the third member of the team. Then at the end of 2016 Toddy become a full time member of the Two Bro team alongside Vandal and Trina forming the trio you see today.

Toddy has recently performed in blockbuster films and TV shows, he was also the 2016 Uk street bike free style champion as well as being in the top three of the Uk championships over the last few years.

He started stunt riding approximately twelve years ago on his own, then after about two years by chance he bumped into Vandal who was also practising on a air field in Norfolk. It was then that the friendship was formed and duo have rode together every week ever since. As well as traveling to shows and competitions together all over Europe.

  Toddy in the world of stunt riding is considered by all to be a very technical rider who is constantly pushing the boundaries and trying new tricks. He also has an uncanny resemblance to wolverine!

Toddy also often takes his partner Candy on the bike performing tandem stunts as well as being a master on his highly modified stretched drift bike.

Behind the scenes Toddy helps prep the bikes and many an evening /weekend are spent with Vandal getting ready for an up and coming event.

He is also a keen power lifter and in between riding and prepping bikes you will find him in the gym with his partner Candy who actually helps run the family owned gym.

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